Thiensville -- The village of Thiensville has set aside $270,000 for a possible off-road bike path on Freistadt Road as part of its 2017 budget.

Village Administrator Diane Robertson said those funds are earmarked but not guaranteed to be used for the project.

“Some board members feel it needs to be done and should have been when the road was reconstructed in the ‘80s,” Robertson said.

She added that some on the board suggest there are alternate routes for cyclists and it’s not a good use of public funds at this time.

The approved 2017 budget features a small property tax increase, big percentage changes for a few services and revenue sources, as well as allocation for a few large projects on the horizon.

Additionally, $81,863 was approved for what Robertson called an “architectural study” of whether or not the village should consider an addition to the public works building or demolition.

The village park improvement plan has $100,000 set aside for it, as well, which it also did last year. Thiensville is working on a number of park improvement projects with funding coming from donations.

“The village board is putting forth funds to supplement donations,” Robertson said.

The tax rate for 2017 is $7.81 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The total property tax number increased 0.7 percent over 2016, which was $7.69 per $1,000.

Overall, total revenues and expenditures for the village increased by 1.4 percent for 2017, according to the budget.

Two of the higher percentage changes are a 70.9-percent increase from 2016 in public charges for services as well as an increase of 75.1 percent in commercial revenue.

On its face, it appears to be a big jump, but with a smaller budget “sometimes those percentages are kind of skewed,” according to Robertson.

The 2016 budget estimated public charges for services at $14,100 while the 2017 budget estimates $24,100. Commercial revenue was estimated at $20,268 in the 2016 budget. The 2017 budget estimation for commercial revenue increased to $35,495.

Regarding the public charges for services, Robertson clarified the village is not raising fees to residents. She continued, saying the increase in commercial revenue is expected due to a boom in home sales.

“We’ve seen an increase in homes sold and expect that to continue in 2017,” she said.

Additionally, there is a decrease of 5.7 percent for intergovernmental revenue in 2017 compared to 2016’s budget, which amounts to a $32,695 change.

The village’s debt service remains at zero with Thiensville remaining debt-free.

Various road projects are planned for 2017 and were included in the budget.

Road work, including ditching, culverts, mill, and overlay costing $134,000, was approved as well for Madero Drive.

Heidel Road is also set to be reconstructed with the portion from Green Bay to Park Crest costing $284,300 and the Park Crest to River Road portion costing $325,800.

The storm sewer on Sunny Lane is also set to be replaced at a cost of $200,000.

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