PORT WASHINGTON - After a long period of construction, the north breakwater was opened to the public June 23 allowing easier access to the lighthouse.

Less than two weeks later, graffiti was found on the iconic Port Washington structure.

Around 10:30 p.m., July 6, Port Washington police were dispatched to the lighthouse after a caller reported some juveniles were vandalizing the lighthouse, according to a July 10 post on the Port Washington Police Department Facebook page.

Two officers identified multiple groups of juveniles on the breakwall, according to the posting. Police, with the assistance of witnesses, arrested three 17-year old boys from Port Washington.

According to the police report, one of the teens was additionally cited for obstruction for being dishonest, saying the white paint on his fingers was from earlier in the day.

“We wish to thank the caller for reporting the vandalism as it was occurring and the witnesses for assisting us in apprehending the individuals responsible,” the Facebook post reads. “With their help, together we are sending a clear message that vandalism and destruction of public property won't be tolerated.”

Mayor Tom Mlada spoke about the incident at the July 18 common council meeting. He said the city is working to get restitution for the damage.

He also thanked everyone for their work on the north breakwater project, the person who called it in, and the police for their work.

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