With concerns about statewide library budget cuts growing, Tom Carson, director of the W.J. Niederkorn Library, reached out to Port Washington city officials to advocate the importance of libraries in the community.

In an email sent on Monday, April 10, Carson highlighted some of the resources and features of the Niederkorn Library as part of National Library Week, including the Monarch Library System for accessing system catalogs, the Teen Café, and other digital resources that "provide so many services and programs that make Port Washington a great place to live and thrive."

Carson's cause for concern comes from proposed budget cuts to the Institute of Museums and Libraries. Tony Evers, state superintendent of public instruction, has also been outspoken about his support of statewide libraries, as the Department of Public Instruction also oversees the state library division.

In his email, Carson called on the Port Washington community to reach out to their local congressional representative to show support for these institutes and to oppose these budget cuts.

"Funding the library requires both state and local funding, both of which have been difficult to maintain in libraries across the country," said Carson, who also highlighted National Library Week events such as signing up kindergartners for library cards. "I just want people to understand how important our library is to the community."

Carson has been director of the Niederkorn Library for the last 11 months as part of his 23 years of experience as a professional librarian.

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