A Port Washington High school student was arrested for recording a video in the locker room shower, making this the second incident of this kind at the school this year.

According to an incident report from the Port Washington Police Department, the incident occurred Feb. 21 in the locker room shower. Officers spoke with Principal Eric Burke and the mother of a student who reported that another student, who is being charged as a juvenile, recorded him and other students while they were showering. The accused student was interviewed and denied any wrongdoing.

Port Washington police interviewed several other students who also witnessed the student with his phone near the shower area. When police re-interviewed the accused student, he admitted that he had initially lied about the incident and had recorded a video but immediately deleted it. He was charged with capturing images of nudity in a locker room and resisting an officer by providing false information.

Officer Anthony Vitella, who interviewed the students in this case, asked the student why he would make a recording knowing that he could get in trouble.

"He said that he was just being a 'stupid teenage kid' who thought it would be a funny joke," said Vitella.

Last December, another student, who happened to witness the recording incident in February, was arrested for recording a video of his own in December. This student is being charged in criminal court as he of legal age and is awaiting further proceedings in Ozaukee County Court.

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