Grady Park in the village of Saukville will receive a new pavilion in 2017 per bond requests from the village board.

At its Dec. 7 meeting, the village board approved the sale of around $2.8 million in general obligation bonds towards various projects.

Approximately $185,000 of those bonds were proposed for parks and public grounds projects. That money will go towards the construction of the new pavilion in Grady Park that will replace the existing pavilion, said Board President Barb Dickmann.

"The original plan was to renovate the current pavilion," said Dickmann. "However, based on its age and the extent of the repairs, it was decided that it made more sense to build a new pavilion that would better serve the needs of the park."

According to Village Administrator Dawn Wagner, the current pavilion is approximately 30 years old and is in "very poor condition."

"The roof needs complete replacement, the support posts are rotting, and the existing storage is too small for the numerous groups that use the park," said Wagner. "The new pavilion will be larger and will have additional storage area for park equipment."

Along with Veterans and Quade parks, Grady Park is one of several major parks in the Saukville community, but its size, proximity to downtown, and location along Highway 33 near the interstate have made the park a popular location for village events. This year, the park has hosted events such as a Halloween 5K race, an Easter egg dash, an auto show, and a Fourth of July concert and picnic. Both Dickmann and Wagner agree that a new, larger pavilion will benefit future events and allow the village to host more events.

Construction of the new pavilion is expected to be underway some time in 2017, though the official timeline for this project has not been established.

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