A long sought-after burglar in Port Washington now awaits his day in court as the police attempt to return his stolen loot back to the community.

Anthony Lester, 28, was arrested on the evening of Nov. 20 after attempting to break into a residence on Randy Circle. The resident of the home contacted the police after hearing Lester attempting to enter the residence. A nearby patrol caught Lester running away from the scene. The police proceeded to Lester's home on Monroe Street, where his mother consented to a search of his room. It was there that officers discovered a number of items that may be related to past burglaries, including jewelry, electronics and about $400 in cash.

Lester was charged with burglary and possession of marijuana. The following day, the Ozaukee County Court set his bail at $2,500.

According to the Port Washington Police Department, patrols in the area have increased steadily due to a number of home and car burglaries over the last six months. The department now believes that these burglaries may be connected to Lester.

Part of that speculation stems from the items found in Lester's home. Given the number of items found, the police believe that Lester's burglaries may go back as far as five years. As far as the jewelry, Port Washington PD posted on their Facebook page that any residents who may have lost a piece of jewelry in that time frame should contact the police to see if it is there. Further details of the collection process and any potential reunions with jewelry items have yet to be released.

This is not Lester's first time with trouble with the law. He has previous charges dating back to 2008 for theft, disorderly conduct and speeding.

Lester is expected back in court on Jan. 10 for future court proceedings. He has already entered a plea of not guilty.

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