Port Washington - Plans for a senior living apartment along Highway 33 are being altered after backlash from nearby residents, according to the site's developer.

A Nov. 17 proposal by Bielinski Homes for a 27-unit "active adult" apartment building met with protests from residents of the Hidden Hills subdivision, who argued that the three-story building would be an eyesore along the road and an intrusion into their backyards.

According to Tim Voeller, general counsel for Bielinski Homes, the development firm respects the concerns of the community and wants to reach a compromise that suits both of their desires.

"We understand their concerns, given the proximity of the site to their homes, and we are weighing different options and alterations to the building plan," said Voeller, who added that a possible alternative would be for the building to be two stories tall while still maintaining 27 units.

Ron Voigt, one of several plan commission members who voiced concerns, appreciates that the developers are flexible and looks forward to seeing the new proposal.

"We'll have to take a good look at the visual schematics when they arrive, but I am confident that both the residents and Bielinski Homes will be satisfied with this compromise," said Voigt.

Voigt attributed the good communication between both sides to the long-standing expectations for the site. Bielinski Homes, which also developed the Hidden Hills subdivision, has had the adjacent site on the market for the last decade, so the site would have been used eventually for a housing development. It was only last year that Bielinski decided to retain the land for the proposed senior apartments.

A new proposal for the building is not expected on a specific date, but Voeller said it could be coming within the next month.

"It's a little tricky right now with the holidays, but we would like to have something new for the plan commission this month. Otherwise, it will be ready to present in early 2017," said Voeller.

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