In January, Mequon residents will be the first in Wisconsin to walk into a half-circle, stadium-style room filled with 50 Schwinn exercise bikes with weighted bars attached for arm exercises.

Colored lights paint the room, music hits with a DJ booth controlling the beat. Two big-screen televisions display a music video or maybe some statistics of riders in the room.  A unique scent, found by aromatherapy research, will fill the air.

This will be the scene at 11104 N. Port Washington Road when the CycleBar, an indoor cycling studio, opens next year.

Owner Lauren Schroeder called the CycleBar the “first of its kind, a luxury boutique fitness studio.” Schroeder said she always wanted to be involved in fitness and ended up visiting Cincinnati for a CycleBar “discovery weekend” with her father. She signed with the franchise in December 2015.

With some locations open in Ohio, Michigan, Massachusets, and other places, the franchise is expanding with its first location in Wisconsin. Schroeder said the goal is to have about 100 studios open by December. She said close to 300 people have signed on with the franchise across the country.

The CycleBar in Mequon will have a soft grand opening in January with all classes free. The first 10 days will have free classes for businesses and charities and a second 10-day period will offer free classes for individuals.

“We’re trying to get as many people as we can through the door,” Schroeder said.

The business will follow a pay-per-class model with no memberships. A five-class pack, 10-pack, 20-pack and 100-pack of classes will be offered.  Schroeder said the prices have not yet been set, but nationally the average is $20 per drop-in class. Packages purchased during the free soft open period will be discounted 20 percent.

Those interested in participating can sign up for classes with a phone app and, once arriving, sign in on an iPad. During classes, statistics from the bikes are fed into a system which can display on large televisions if the instructor desires. These stats can be used for various activities such as races.

The CycleBar will hold various classes for people looking for different experiences and offers a community room for private events. Performance classes, a classic ride, happy hour rides, a coffee ride, brunch ride and others will be offered. All classes are about 50 minutes long with showers available on-site.

Jordin Cooper, a CycleBar instructor (called a CycleStar) from Cincinnati said they offer different classes so “everyone can find their fit.” She said what sets CycleBar apart is that it is a full-body workout with the bars included and used in various ways depending on the class.

The CycleBar is also currently looking for instructors. Schroeder said she’s “looking for upbeat, energetic people who are motivated and motivating with some sort of passion for fitness.” The franchise has their own proprietary certification process, which includes up to a week of intense training. Tryouts for CycleStar instructors will be held six weeks before the grand opening.

Cooper said instructors need to be comfortable in front of people. While credentials are important, she said personality is more important with instructors “taking on the personality of the brand.”

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