Mequon — 'Our dog is OK, now but oh my God it was scary.'

Those were the opening words of Nancy Knapp, 83, during a brief talk about how her family dog, Brody, a 10-year-old Gordon setter, was attacked by two pitbulls June 30. A court date of Sept. 7 for a domestic animals at large violation has been set, according to police records.

Police redacted the name of the owner of the pitbulls in the incident report.

Knapp said she and her husband, Tom, live in a cul-de-sac on Springdale Court in Mequon and they're not only concerned for the dogs in the area, but also for the children.

'Our concern is for the neighborhood,' Nancy Knapp said.

According to the incident report, a man was walking his two pitbulls — 6-year-old Phoenix and 4-year-old Ruffie — on leashes in the cul-de-sac. The man said his dogs saw the other dog in the yard and they pulled his shoulder out of socket pulling him over to the other dog.

'When our dog started barking at them his dogs started pulling him,' Tom Knapp said.

Tom Knapp, 84, said he ran outside barefoot when he heard the commotion. He said the pitbulls charged about 20 or 25 yards into his property. He said he has an electric fence for Brody, but that didn't keep the other dogs out.

'They pulled the owner right across the lawn, they just dragged him,' Tom Knapp said.

When the dogs got to Brody, Tom Knapp said they 'viciously got our dog by the throat, got a death grip on the throat.' He said when he got there, Brody's tongue was hanging out of his mouth.

'I thought he was dead,' he said.

Cane in hand, Tom Knapp said he ended up breaking it over the back of one of the pitbulls. The pitbull owner said in the report he 'tried everything in his control to separate the animals.' It said he was eventually able to pull them back into the road and to his home.

The officer on scene noted he could see pitbull owner's shoulder was injured as well, as he was 'sweating and full of dirt from being dragged by the animals.' The officer issued the man a citation for failing to have his dogs under control.


Now, a few weeks have passed and the Knapp family said Brody is just starting to come around. Tom Knapp said the police had returned later to check not just on the dog but on him, worried that due to his age he might 'have a heart attack or something.'

Brody used to jump into the car, now he uses a ramp because he has a bad limp. Thus far, he's had three trips to the vet. The family said they are expecting about $2,000 worth of medical bills for Brody.

Tom Knapp said Brody is a 'very rare dog' that the couple picked up in Cedarburg from Hillock Gordon setters. The got him when he was 5 years old and he was already trained.

'He's been a very, very good dog, very sensitive, very happy,' Tom Knapp said. 'He's babied here.'

Tom Knapp said he's never experienced anything quite like this before. He said his dog was 'mistreated by two very vicious animals.' He said he told police that he has weapons in the house, but doesn't keep them loaded.

'If I had, I would have shot that dog, both of them,' Tom Knapp said.

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