Mequon —Steffen Middle School sixth, seventh, and eighth graders earned first place among Wisconsin schools participating in the Continental Math League.

Approximately 200 students — nearly half of the student body at Steffen Middle School — made up the three teams. The teams placed in the top four in all three grade levels in the region as well, according to a release. The region included Minnesota, Missouri, and Kansas.

One eighth-grader, Jessica Lamers, achieved a perfect store of 30 out of 30 and was recognized as a National Student Leader. Lamers was one of two Wisconsin students and one of 41 across the county with perfect scores.

Students who participate in the CML 'engage in a series of contests throughout the school year, focusing on high-level problem solving,' the release said.

'At Steffen Middle School, we strive to offer non-routine problem-solving opportunities for all students,' said Steffen math specialist Derek Pipkorn. 'Non-routine problem solving allows them to productively struggle and troubleshoot new scenarios in mathematics that they may have never encountered. (It's) a skill that can be applied to all subject areas.'

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