MEQUON - A number of homes in Mequon have recently been burglarized during daytime hours with cash and jewelry stolen.

Police have put out an alert for residents to keep an eye out for occupied vehicles in their neighborhoods — specifically a dark-colored minivan or SUV.

The burglaries are typically happening in "affluent neighborhoods where the residents are retired or associated with a community where the majority of the residents are elderly," according to a news release from the Mequon Police Department.

Police said the burglars typically drive through subdivisions to watch for people leaving their homes. Once the residence is empty, two people (either two women or a man and a woman) go and knock to make sure nobody is home. They then either use a crowbar or kick in the door.

No larger items such as televisions or computers are taken, just cash and jewelry. The burglars then walk out and meet back up with their vehicle.

Police said in the release the burglars are often described as "gypsies or travelers" and are dressed to fit in with the area. The people are often believed to be health care workers, cleaners, or people with some reason to be there.

"Don't hesitate to call police," the release said. "You know your neighborhood best; if something seems out of order, it probably is. Report the activity quickly; do not wait and think it over."

Mequon police can be reached at 262-242-3500 or at 911 in an emergency.

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