MEQUON - The city of Mequon is considering the purchase of about 30 acres of land from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The parcel is on the southwest corner of Bonniwell Road and Port Washington Road. The common council discussed the possibility at its March 14 meeting.

Director of Community Development Kim Tollefson said the city is interested in the land as a key component to making connections among other critical environmental features in the area. She called it a “passive recreational feature.”

The DNR is looking to get about $50,000 for the property. Tollefson said they are firm on the price, which is already about 20 percent lower than the DNR’s in-house appraiser’s level.

“It’s a really nice property and really inexpensive,” said Alderman Mark Gierl. “I think it’d add value to the city.”

The property includes a small parking lot that allows access to public land. Tollefson said this parcel ranks high among others throughout the city because it’s one of the only public space features in the neighborhood.

Alderwoman Connie Pukaite said the Mequon Preservation Partnership looks at a wide range of environmental factors to identify parcels in Mequon that are particularly important to preserve and protect and this one is among those.

“I would definitely recommend this,” she said.

Alderman Andrew Nerbun said the city might regret not pulling the trigger on the property.

“We should be a little forward-thinking, anticipating the needs of that area,” he said.

Not everyone was fully in favor.

Alderman John Wirth questioned why the city needs another park. He asked if it made sense to buy a property to prevent it from being developed when it already can’t really be developed. He suggested the $50,000 could be better spent on other improvements around the city.

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