Mequon — The Spur 16 Mequon project, phase two of the city’s town center, is getting on track.

The second phase of the town center project was reviewed again Dec. 5 by the city’s plan commission with staff expressing some concerns with the proposed site plan.

It was ultimately approved 7-1, but included 28 conditions to address some of the concerns presented by staff. These conditions are adjustable and can be eliminated in the future as the project takes shape.

Assistant Director of Community Development Jac Zader said there were some inconsistencies in the project plan.  He said staff knew the plan could change due to utilities and infrastructure, but he wanted to get these issues cleared up before final approval was given and the city was “stuck with what we have.”

“Staff is not ready to make a commitment to the project,” Zader said.

The owner of Shaffer Development, Cindy Shaffer, said the only inconsistency she was aware of was an issue with how many or which specimen trees would be kept during construction. She said she and staff worked hard to get plans back to the city on time, which was difficult due to a short turnaround due to a shorter time between meetings than usual.

“We worked really hard to get it in on time,” Shaffer said. “We had only three days to turn this around.”

Shaffer said she wanted to get some form of approval to be able to move forward and not delay the project for next year. Shaffer said she didn’t want to spend around $100,000 on environmental studies without approval from the city.

“If we want to get this in the ground this summer, we need to move forward,” Shaffer said.

Commissioner James Schaefer said he didn’t feel the commission could make an intelligent decision yet. Commissioner Becky Schaefer said she felt “pressured” into moving the project forward.

Project specifics

The development, called Spur 16 Mequon in honor of the Milwaukee and Northern Train spur’s history at the location, includes retail, restaurants, 10 townhomes, and 146 (formerly 155) apartments. Much of the design throughout the development is inspired by the railroad theme.

Shaffer called the development an “upscale, traditional design.”

Mayor Dan Abendroth said he liked much of what was presented.

“There’s some wonderful stuff here,” he said.

Also on the project’s plan are various amenities including a walking/biking path, clubhouse, swimming pool, hot tub, a farmer’s market and other features. Residents will have access to a community kitchen, on-site concierge, a pet walking service and shared bicycles.

“Our goal is to build a community at Spur 16,” Shaffer said.

The development, located on 14 acres west of the current town center over the railroad tracks and north of Mequon Road, is estimated to cost $27.5 million according to Shaffer.

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