The town of Grafton chose to uphold a decision regarding the discharging of firearms on a local property.

At the April 12 meeting, the town board decided to maintain ordinances that require individuals to have permits to discharge firearms on properties, even when the owners may have permits.

The issue arose when neighbors of the property on 1009 Arrowhead Road complained about excessive firearm discharges, specifically automatic weapons.

According to Town Chairman Lester Bartell, the issue was less of an issue of safety and more about the number of people on the property firing guns.

"We have communicated with the owners of the property, and it seems that they are firing their weapons at a safe distance away from their neighbors," said Bartell. "We just want to make sure that they are not running some kind of firing range."

Bartell also noted that the property owners were in attendance at the meeting and seemed willing to follow town guidelines.

"The purpose of this issue being brought up at the meeting was to remind people of a set precedent for gun owners in the town," said Bartell. "We are not trying to restrict people from using their guns."

While the decision resolved this particular matter, Bartell also expressed the need for future discussion about these guidelines, especially before the upcoming hunting seasons.

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