Plans for a new hotel along Interstate 43 in Grafton will be finalized by Grafton's architectural review board next week.

The plans for the new TownPlace Suites were reviewed by the plan commission at its Dec. 20 meeting. According to Jessica Wolff, village director of planning and development, the commission made "minor recommendations" for the plans, but the response was mostly positive.

"Some of the discussion points included the use of natural resources, the architecture, and the east-west layout of the hotel," said Wolff.

The proposed TownPlace Suites will be a four-story, 87-room hotel south of the Hampton Inn just off Interstate 43. TownPlace Suites provides an extended stay format, with the Grafton location to feature full kitchens in each room, a pool and a fitness center. Future plans also call for an 8,000-square-foot restaurant located between the TownPlace and the Hampton, with those plans expected to be submitted in the coming months. The TownPlace is expected to alleviate the reportedly high occupancy rates of both the Hampton and the Days Inn on Washington Street without serving as detrimental competition to the other two hotels.

The hotel is being developed by American Construction Services in West Bend, which was also responsible for the construction of the Hampton Inn and other hotels in the area.

Following the architectural review board's meeting Jan. 12, the plans will be presented again to the plan commission Jan. 24 before being reviewed sometime in February by the village board, who will decide on the rezoning for the 15-acre area of land. As of now, the site is zoned for industrial purposes, and the rezoning for the hotel would have to be changed for commercial purposes.

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