FRANKLIN - A Mequon man is still on the run from police after he was charged with embezzling more than $130,000 from a Franklin roofing business.

A warrant was issued on March 28 in Milwaukee County for the arrest of Dan Neuendorf, 58. Prior to the date the warrant was issued, Mequon police said Neuendorf had abandoned his home and was on the run, according to a criminal complaint.

Neuendorf is currently charged with one count of theft in a business setting and four counts of fraudulent writings, all felony charges. If convicted on all charges, he faces a maximum sentence of 34 years in prison and fines totaling up to $65,000.

He had previously been employed as a bookkeeper and data entry person with the Franklin roofing company, where he was responsible for entering accounting information on a business software system. According to the complaint, Neuendorf had access to a number of blank checks that another employee would routinely "pre-sign."

Neuendorf allegedly used this as an opportunity to write out checks to himself and cash them without the other employee's knowledge.

Police have bank records showing Neuendorf cashed particular company checks at a bank in Glendale in 2016 and 2017, according to the criminal complaint. The Franklin company's records show that he accessed its account software system the same day he cashed these checks and edited the line items in the system to show a different payee.

During their investigation, Franklin police were able to identify 22 checks made payable to Neuendorf that the company said he was not authorized to cash. These checks totaled $131,867.

Police found more than 50 additional checks with Neuendorf's name on them that appeared to be suspicious, but at the time the complaint was filed the checks were not confirmed to be fraudulent. These checks totaled an additional $51,260.

Court records show that Neuendorf had previously been accused of similar crimes.

According to those records, Neuendorf was charged in 1993 with theft by virtue of employment and was charged again in 2002 with theft in a business setting. In both cases, Neuendorf plead no contest.

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