CEDARBURG – The Arrabelle development is getting attention with one resident contacting the developer asking if they can put money down on a unit before construction even begins.

John Cronin of AG Architecture shared the story while presenting proposed architectural changes for the project to the city's plan commission July 13. 

The architectural plan was approved by the plan commission by a 6-1 vote. The developer, HSI Properties, LLC, must submit a window sample to the city to further illustrate a raised grid design on the windows.

The Arrabelle development, N44 W6035-N43 W6005 Hamilton Road, includes apartments, town homes, and a single-family lot. Further approvals for drainage plans, landscaping, exterior lighting and other aspects of the project are still required. 

Some of the concerns addressed in the recent changes relate to large windows and issues with the pitch of the roof.

The latest plans break up the windows to give the buildings more of a "residential look,” according to Cronin. The roof pitch was also adjusted on the buildings with some roofs increasing in height over a foot at the peak.

Greg Zimmerschied — the only commission member to vote against the changes — expressed concerns with the design of the facade facing Washington Avenue, citing discussions with residents and a few other architects.

He said while the facade is designed as it is due to the plan going from three stories to two, the roof line still is “not like Cedarburg.” He said he preferred two stories but preferred the roof line of the original three-story proposal. 

Zimmerschied thanked the developer for taking the commission’s concerns to heart and making “positive changes.” He said the goal was to make the buildings “homogeneous with the neighborhood, not just someone’s style desire.”


Commissioner Mark Burgoyne expressed some frustration with the issue, saying the commission already went over it at a previous meeting and it should have been brought up at that time. He said it was his understanding that the plan was down to just two or three final issues.

Zimmerschied said he didn’t want to delay the project, but if he didn’t think the issue was important he wouldn’t have brought it up. He said due to the project’s location it’s one of the most important in Cedarburg.

Following discussions between the developer and commissioners at the meeting, HSI representatives said they would look into other design options for the facade. It was not made a condition of the approval, however.

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