CEDARBURG - A traffic study for the Arrabelle apartment development revealed the traffic impact would be 22 percent less than what St. Francis Borgia School caused while in operation.

The Arrabelle development is planned to be built at the site of the former school, which closed in 2015.

A traffic study was one requirement for the development to move forward due to resident concerns over congestion.

Traffic Analysis and Design, Inc. of Cedarburg conducted the study and presented its findings to the Cedarburg common council at the May 8 meeting.

The study, which looked at traffic patterns from the past, present and estimated future, focused on the corners of Washington Avenue and Hamilton Road, and Washington Avenue and Spring Street, as well as Hamilton Road and Hilgen Avenue.

The study found peak hour trips would be a great deal lower than when the school was in operation. Over a 24-hour period, the study estimates the development will create 450 daily trips compared to the 552 created by the school.

The study also took into account gaps in the traffic stream that would enable drivers to turn left or right. These gaps were deemed acceptable, according to TADI presenter John Bieberitz.

The study also concluded that no road modifications are needed to accommodate the development.


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