CEDARBURG - The way some residents of Cedarburg take out the trash and dispose of yard waste has changed.

In compliance with recent changes made by Waste Management, the city recently added an extra day of garbage pickup. As a result, as many as 20 percent of residents may notice a change in when their trash is picked up.

“It’s caused a lot of confusion, but it ultimately is in everyone’s best interest,” said Director of Engineering and Public Works Tom Wiza.

In the past, the city had garbage and recycling pickup Monday through Thursday. Due to changes made by Waste Management, a Friday route has been added. As a result, most city residents who had Monday pickup now have Friday pickup.

“There has been quite a bit of growth in the area, with new subdivisions and the like, and the guys quite honestly couldn’t get it all done in four days,” Wiza said. “The extra date should help with that significantly.”

While Waste Management did share fliers about the change, Wiza said that happened during a stretch of particularly wet and windy weather in the city.

Also new to the city this spring is the yard waste program, which has been upgraded to include much more availability for residents.

The former drop-off site had limited hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. There was a temporary site on Pioneer Road last year as well.

The new site is in the same location, but with the significant renovations that took place recently at the new public works facility, the drop-offsite was improved.

For a one-time $30 fee, residents can now access the automated drop-off area from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. six days a week. The facility is open every day except Tuesday, when it closes for cleaning.

“It’s so convenient now because it’s spread out, it’s never crowded like it used to be and you can get right in and out on your own,” Wiza said.

The area is gated and monitored with security cameras as well.

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