Chickens are here to stay in Cedarburg, but they won't be able to fly far.

The Cedarburg Common Council officially approved the housing of chickens in city residences at the March 27 meeting.

The discussion about the chickens was tabled at the Feb. 28 meeting when the council requested that the city attorney make amendments to address some of the concerns that they had regarding domesticated chickens.

Some of those changes include moving the distance of the coops in relation to adjacent properties from 5 feet to 10 feet, as well as 40 feet away from the actual residence.

"We were pleased with the amendments made and felt that our concerns were thoroughly addressed," said council member Jack Arnett. "Cedarburg is a historic city, and we wanted to protect those who housed chickens on historic properties."

Council member John Czarnecki, who cast the sole opposing vote at the meeting, was not discouraged by the 5-1 decision.

"I'm glad at least that the amendments allayed some of the fears that people had about chickens in the area," said Czarnecki. "The town of Cedarburg doesn't even allow residents to have chickens, and houses here are a lot closer together than they are in the town."

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