It looks like Cedar Crest Ice Cream will be screaming for more ice cream.

The town of Cedarburg approved the ice cream company's application to build a 12,491-square-foot addition to its Highway 60 property at the plan commission meeting March 15.

Cedar Crest will use the extra space to double the size of its storage freezer. According Tim Kohlwey, vice president of distribution, the company has been planning the space expansion for several years.

"We were simply out of space given the number of items that our company carries," explained Kohlwey. "Pre-production for the summer season usually begins in February, so we will need all the space that we can get."

Kohlwey expressed optimism about the company's profits and growth, citing the success of Cedar Crest's line of gelato ice creams that were introduced last year.

The company sought to have the extra freezer space in order to regulate the temperature at 20 degrees below zero, a temperature that most freezer storage units cannot accommodate.

"Freezing and thawing ice cream for shipments and distribution is an annual difficulty, so being able to regulate our own temperatures will make that easier," said Kohlwey.

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