One seat on the Cedarburg Town Board will be decided at the election on April 4. Incumbent Wayne Pipkorn will be challenged by Bill Wattson for seat 1 on the board. Ozaukee Now asked the candidates a series of questions regarding topics such as municipal relationships and future development projects.

How does your political experience qualify you to serve on the town board?

Pipkorn: I been on the board for the past six years. Having lived in the town my entire life, I believe I have enough knowledge to enable me to be capable enough to help further the health, safety, welfare and wise use of available town resources for the benefit of current and future town residents.

Wattson: I’m an engineer and senior manager new to politics. I bring unique experience based on years of work in information technology and nuclear power. I’ve managed budgets of over $20 million per year and groups of over 120 people.

Balancing the relationship between municipalities can be difficult. What are some of the challenges between the city and town of Cedarburg that you see and how would you improve them?

Pipkorn: The challenges between the town and city are currently being addressed by both boards. We should always keep in mind that we are one community, not two separate ones. Continuing to work together for the common benefit of all citizens is crucial.

Wattson: Accountability and open communications are key to successful relationships. If we all recognize that we are striving to do the best for our constituents and work to ensure we both bring the best value for our communities, we should be able to find common ground that serves the greater good.

Residents in the Cedarburg area have spoken at length about new development projects in the area, both positively and negatively. How should the town manage proposed developments going forward?

Pipkorn: All new developments should be sure to ensure that our town motto of "preserving yesterday's heritage for tomorrow" is upheld. I want to keep the town as business friendly as possible, maintain a reliable tax rate, provide an opportunity for quality housing for both current and future residents, and preserve a quality way of life in the town that I have enjoyed for the past 70 years.

Wattson: It is a balancing act to bring development that maintains the character of the town while building new opportunities for needed services, businesses, employment and tax revenues. With this in mind, we need to focus on maintaining our community’s unique appeal while making overall community business sense for the town.

Wayne Pipkorn

Age: 70
Address: 8871 Bridge St.
Political history: Six years on the Cedarburg Town Board
Phone: 262-355-5049
Twitter: None

Bill Wattson

Age: 61
Address: 2297 Granville Road
Political history: None
Phone: 414-232-2766
Twitter: N/A

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