Three businesses along Washington Avenue in Cedarburg reported burglaries and stolen items on the morning of Feb. 20, according to the Cedarburg Police Department.

Downtown Dough, Marlene's Garden Goodies, and Vintage Café & City Deli reported stolen items and cash on Sunday morning in the midst of Winter Festival. According to Police Chief Thomas Frank, the three stores, all of which were within a block of each other, were entered either through broken windows or shimmied locks.

"The case remains under investigation and no suspects have been identified. However, it is my assumption that those responsible may have come from outside of Cedarburg for the festival," said Frank, who does not believe that this string of burglaries is connected to last year's incident in which six businesses in Cedarburg were burglarized in the same wave, including Vintage Café.

Pat Niles, owner of Downtown Dough, believes that the burglars could have been from the community based on the decision to destroy the store's security cameras.

"They must have been in the store during the day on Saturday and saw how well business was this weekend," said Niles. "It probably gave them a chance to scope out the joint.

Niles says that the robbers entered his store through the basement, taking cash and a convection oven. What struck Niles as strange was that there were laptops and a 3D printer in his office that were untouched.

"It's as if the burglars were building a kitchen," joked Niles, referring to the fact that kitchen items were stolen from the other two stores, along with his convection item. He also expressed his desire for the city to look into installing cameras on Washington Avenue to improve security for businesses along the street.

The Cedarburg Police Department has not issued an official report on the case yet.

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