Since its opening in 1996, the Cedarburg Community Pool has been funded by both the city and town of Cedarburg to cover maintenance and operating costs.

The shared-services agreement between the two municipalities determined the town's contributions (roughly $30,000 in 2016) based on the number of town residents who use the pool. In return, those town residents would have access to the pool and pay "resident" rates, as opposed to "non-resident" rates for pool visitors from outside of Cedarburg.

As of 2017, the agreement between the city and town regarding the pool has been terminated, which leaves the city responsible for 100 percent of the funding for the pool. This also means that town residents will now be charged as non-residents in order to use the pool.

The change in funding for the pool stemmed from concerns of the town board that $30,000 was too much to spend on the pool given the town's tight budget. A compromise of $10,000 for funding was turned down by the common council. At the Jan. 9 meeting, the council voted to dissolve the Joint Pool Commission, officially ending the mutual funding of the pool.

According to council member Jack Arnett, the old agreement only benefited the town in that it allowed town residents to pay for the cheaper city resident fee. Arnett also noted that the city will now have full control over the maintenance and costs of the pool going forward.

"It's like eating at a restaurant: if you order something, you're going to have to pay afterwards," said Arnett, referring to the dissolution of the Joint Pool Commission. "The town wished to be removed from the funding of the pool, so the city will now cover the difference and have full jurisdiction over the pool."

The current cost for a family season pass to the pool is $150 for residents and $200 for non-residents.

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