Cedarburg - Action by the plan commission Monday, Dec. 5, has made a local car detailing and carwash center legal -- although it has been in operation for about a year already.

The plan commission approved a conditional-use permit for CMG Detailing, N144 W6460 Pioneer Road, which needed the permit the rezone the building from its previous heavy industrial purposes.

According to co-owner Yoosof Fazal, the need for the permit was brought to his attention only a few weeks ago, which was somewhat of a surprise given that CMG Detailing has been at its current location since November 2015.

"The building, as a whole, was previously used for producing roofing and siding materials. After the previous tenants left, the building was separated into several units for businesses," said Fazal.

Thankfully for Fazal and his wife, Debra, who is the other co-owner, the plan commission supported the new permit and approved it with few concerns. Commission member John Czarnecki spoke highly of the Fazals and described the discussion as "uneventful."

Previously located in West Bend for four years, Fazal moved CMG Detailing to Cedarburg last year to offer a car-cleaning service that emphasized detail and long-term auto care. One aspect of the business that Fazal is particularly proud of is its commitment to "eco-friendly" cleaning and products.

"Our products are all non-VOC (volatile organic compounds), and our hand-washing system allows us to use less cleaning products and waste less water," Fazal explained.

Since moving to Cedarburg, Fazal said, the response from his customers has been positive, and he hopes that more people see the merits of what his business has to offer: a way to "pamper your car."

"Owning a car is a huge investment, and it is important to invest in the proper means of maintaining a car," said Fazal. "At CMG Detailing, we not only provide finely detailed cars, but also provide helpful advice on how customers can maintain their cars in the long term."

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