Creating a new department to be in charge of youth sports in Cedarburg is one of the possibilities to clear a logjam over league fees in the community.

The Cedarburg School District rejected a request from the Cedarburg Common Council to waive the league fees for use of school district facilities for the youth basketball program, which is underway this season. That request cameĀ as part of a larger initiative to restructure the program in order keep the program sustainable.

According to Common Council member Jack Arnett, his year's current total cost for league fees are $13,000 and are in danger of rising as facility and janitorial fees increase. The original idea was for the school district to potentially take over the program, as the league would be able to pay significantly less by using school-owned facilities.

"It's a little challenging because this year's basketball season is ready to go," said Arnett. "My hope was that we could work with the district and use this as a transitional year before they take over the league next year."

Another possible solution came from Mikko Hilvo, director of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry, who suggested that a separate department in charge of all youth sports could be formed in order to clear up the confusion of jurisdictions between the city, town, and school district of Cedarburg.

There has not only been pushback from the school regarding league fees, but also from the Common Council regarding the leadership of the program.

Council member Rick Verhaalen suggested at the Oct. 31 meeting that it might be worth it for the district to potentially take over all youth sports programs.

Arnett was open to the idea, but he still hopes that the basketball program gets resolved soon given the timing and size of the league. Still, he remains optimistic about talks between the Common Council and School Board to resolve the issue.

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