President Donald Trump reached the critical milestone of 100 days in office on Saturday, April 29. People across the country have had strong opinions about Trump's progress so far in the Oval Office, and Ozaukee County is no exception.

Trump garnered almost 56 percent of the vote in the county, while Hillary Clinton had only 36 percent. This stands in the contrast to the national level, where Clinton won the popular vote with 48 percent compared to Trump's 46 percent. We asked voters in Ozaukee County to tell us what they think about Trump's first 100 days in office.

Jim and Jean Wagner of Grafton voted for Trump and have been pleased with what he has accomplished so far.

"I think he's a guy that's intent on keeping the promises that he made during his campaign," said Jim, who appreciated the efforts of the administration to keep jobs from leaving the country.

The couple also appreciated what many Trump supporters have described as a re-emphasis on the importance of religion.

"I appreciate that he's not afraid to talk about God," said Jean.

The Wagners brought up a point about their voting decision that drove many voters to supporting the polarizing Trump: strong opposition to Hillary Clinton.

"I voted for him as the lesser of two evils," said Kevin Kimmes, a resident of Cedarburg. "I think he's polarizing and gets a lot of negative press. However, I do think he has been handling the Syria situation well."

Tom Wise of Port Washington, who also voted for Trump, felt good about the president's economic progress.

"I think it's great that he's really putting an emphasis on jobs and government deregulations," said Wise. "Going forward, I would like to see more tax reforms and incentives for companies to stay in the country."

Bill and Ann Barber of Williams Bay do not regret voting for Trump, but they both expressed some hesitation about the president's choice of words.

"His tone could be far more disciplined when he is speaking," said Ann.

"While I agree with some of the talking points regarding immigration, I'm not sure how I feel about the wall," said Bill.

Tyler Estes of Cedarburg had mixed feelings about Trump's decision-making when it came to foreign affairs.

"I support taking action in Syria, but with limitations." said Estes. "If we're going to take action against them, I'd like to see us get out quickly. There's been far too much military spending in recent years."

Greg Schauer of Cedarburg, another Trump voter, believed that 100 days is not a fair measurement for a president, especially one that has dealt with strong opposition.

"It's hard to evaluate his progress when so much of what he's doing is either fought by Congress or criticized by the media," said Schauer. "I think Trump needs to make strides to find common ground with his opponents and fix the partisan political system."

Mark Brick of Mequon also thought it was too early to judge Trump's progress.

“He’s trying to get things done but he can’t be as aggressive as he’d like to be," said Brick. "I think in the long run, you’re not going to get a bunch accomplished in a hundred days in office. I think that’s ridiculous.”

Despite the mixed reviews, Mary Nuestrin of Mequon maintained her optimism about President Trump. Nuestrin was part of the Electoral College that elected Trump in December.

"Trump has brought about a renewal of the American spirit," said Nuestrin. "I think people are proud to be Americans again."

Village of Thiensville President Van Mobley has been a vocal supporter of Trump in the past and said he needs to "work smarter to get stuff through Congress." Mobley said Trump has to "staff up" and he'll be "happy if he hires his fair share of competent loyalists."

"He has to hire some swamp creatures but if he gets too many of them in critical spots they will drag him into the mire," Mobley said. "He should keep bobbing and weaving on foreign policy but at the end of the day heed our first president and avoid new and sticky foreign entanglements."

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