The Cedarburg youth basketball program will begin its 2016-17 season in December.

However, before the first tip-off, there will be ongoing discussions about who is in charge of the program

On Monday, Oct. 31, the Cedarburg Common Council voted to ask the Cedarburg School District to consider waiving league fees for facility rentals and taking over the basketball program.

The motion was brought up by council member Jack Arnett as a means of saving money and keeping the program from operating out of the red. Now run by the city of Cedarburg, the youth basketball program has to pay for use of gyms in the area that are owned by the school district. If the school district was in charge, the teams would not have to pay fees for use of the facilities.

There was some pushback to Arnett's proposal at the council meeting, as other council members wanted to discuss waiving fees for other youth sports as well. Arnett says that he is not opposed to any of these talking points and believes that this issue will be resolved.

"I want people to know that this does not affect the future of the program. Nothing's getting cancelled," said Arnett. "The only real change is the name on the letter head for the league. However, if the school district does not take over, we're going to have to find another $13,000 to cover the cost of these fees."

The issue of fees for facilities in the Cedarburg area has been ongoing for several years, as the city previously covered half the cost for use of district tennis courts. This time around, Arnett is confident that the discussion of the youth basketball program will reach a healthy compromise.

"At the end of the day, all parties involved want the same goal," said Arnett. "We want the players to have a place to play and to have another great season."

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