Members of the Cedarburg Library Council believe they should be reimbursed for money it has spent out of its contingency fund for electricity and operational supplies.

Common Council member John Czarnecki argued that the $12,000 deficit in the library was unnecessary and that the library simply needed to spend less money.

The issue came to a head Monday, Oct. 31, during a discussion on the 2017 city budget.

"I specifically remember hearing this council suggest two years ago that reimbursements were in order for that spending," said library council member Steve Ruggieri, who was met with a retort from Mayor Kip Kinzel that library funding is subject to change as part of overall changes to the city budget.

Library council representatives were in attendance to make a request regarding the library's fund balance.

ibrary Director Linda Pierschalla made the budget request and defended the library's request after common council members questioned the accuracy of the library's balance sheet and the need for their request.

"We are simply asking for reimbursement for money that we feel we deserve back," Ruggieri said to the council. "Don't make us out to be the bad guys."

"Nobody's making you out to be the bad guys," responded Mayor Kip Kinzel.

The 2017 city budget was proposed with a $1 million increase in spending, a jump of almost 12 percent from last year that many council members, including Kinzel, felt should be at least brought down below 10 percent.

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