Grafton – A number of significant improvement projects are drawing to a close throughout the village of Grafton.

At the county level, Director of Public Works Amber Thomas said the Lakefield Road and Green Bay Road project is complete and open to traffic, and work is landscaping work is wrapping up at the Veteran’s Park Riverwalk.

“We are basically all finished for this fall and I would say the work went fairly well overall,” said Thomas, who started in Grafton mid-August. “I joined the team near the end of everything for this year, but am looking forward to working through everything from start to finish next year.”

Locally funded road projects in 2016 included the paving of the roadway has been completed on Seventh Avenue from Washington Street to North Street, as well as from Wisconsin Avenue to Beech street. Those projects are also complete.

As the village works through its budget process for 2017, Thomas said the projects for next year are being discussed at a very preliminary level right now.

“We are working through the budget right now with a set of roads we are definitely looking at improving in 2017,” she said. “They will be prioritized based on the conditions of the roads as we take a closer look at what kinds of repairs are needed throughout the village.”

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