Cedarburg – It was just more than a month ago when Cedarburg Superintendent Todd Bugnacki formally welcomed the class of 2030 to the district.

They got interviewed on stage and their small frames were lost inside T-shirts they can someday wear as they walk the halls of Cedarburg High School.

Until then, Bugnacki said there is a lot to look forward to.

“This is truly a historical year in Cedarburg with the launch of our 4K program,” said Bugnacki. “The question I ask myself as a leader of this district is what we want for our kids who graduate in 2030; what does that learning experience look like as we seek to prepare them for the future?”

About 130 students enrolled in the new program, which is housed in each of the three elementary schools in the district.

Spurred by a district study about 4K about two years ago, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Alan Groth said the priority for the district throughout the planning and development process was to be able to provide access to early learning options to district families.

“We know a strong start is important to each child’s future and want to build upon what parents and guardians provide at home,” said Groth. “We also know that roughly 25 percent of our families do not have their children in a preschool program, so we wanted to be sure that if a family wanted to enroll their child in 4K, they could, at a very low cost ($25 for registration).”

Final dollar amounts in terms of district costs are still preliminary, though Groth called them “reasonable” considering the number of students who registered in the first year.

The district also received a start-up grant that also helped lessen the initial cost.

“Our 4K implementation team and the teachers who met over the summer to receive additional training have been doing a superb job of implementing a quality 4K program,” said Groth. “Classroom environments are dynamic, and incorporate flexible learning spaces, including unique and different types of furniture designed to meet the needs of young children.”

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