Cedarburg – This year’s harvest season may be drawing to a close, but officials in Cedarburg are already planning improvements to next year’s farmers market season.

Growth and expansion next year is on the forefront of the minds of the organizers of the market, prompting a move from the market’s 2016 home at the Cedarburg Cultural Center’s parking lot on Mill Street.

The weekly Friday event will relocate to Cedar Creek Park in 2017, assuming the idea to relocate earns the necessary approvals.

The new spot would serve as the location for one year to see the impact the change could have on participation, explained Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jennifer Andreas.

“When we look at other markets in the area, the people coming out to ours is fewer compared to others so we really want to try and put some effort into growing and expanding our offerings,” Andreas said.

Despite the efforts of organizers and vendors alike, Andreas said the existing location does present some safety concerns that could also be addressed with a move.

“We obviously do everything we can to make sure the area is safe, but there is only so much you can do when you’re in a parking lot where cars are regularly driving through,” she said.

The market season in 2016 began in June and featured offerings from about two dozen vendors, but Andreas said the organization is aiming higher in the future.

“What we’re working on is what does growth and change mean for us? Is it location? More vendors? More variety?” said Andreas, adding that the goal would be to increase to 40 vendors next season.

Food trucks could be another exciting addition to the market in future years, as a new location could allow trucks to participate without causing the traffic issues they would cause near the cultural center parking lot.

In the meantime, a committee will put together a comprehensive marketing plan for the market.

“We really need to get the foundation in place and figure out what (the market) is going to look like,” Andreas said. “For right now, we know we’re moving and committing to making this a strong viable farmers market because we feel like our vendors and the community as a whole deserves to have it.”

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