The 44th annual Wine and Harvest Festival in Cedarburg this past weekend was certainly a sight for the senses.

Washington Avenue was transformed into a bazaar of all kinds of goods. Artists, artisans, crafters and other vendors lined up to sell their goods. An array of gifted photographers, jewelry makers, potters and artists of all kids dotted the street, sprinkled in with artisanal cheeses, jams and other treats.

The majority of the booths were occupied by artists and small shops, and people stopped to speak with the crafters about their work. It truly was an opportunity for vendors and customers to connect on a personal level. Live music created the background of the event. This year’s lineup included Will Pfrang, Kevin Kennedy, and The Sonic Funk Blaster, to name a few.

Craft brewers and vintners kept guests’ palates wet. Folks milling about could be heard conversing about one of the many wines they sampled during the fest. With the smell of roasted corn and nuts, Gyros, BBQ, sweets and more floating through the aisles, others stopped passersby to inquire where they got their treat.

Among the slew of events was the Bella Lei Salon Spa’s “Beauty for a Cause” fundraiser to support local non-profits. Upbeat music set the scene for participants who underwent themed makeovers and quick beauty services. Hoping to catch a few hair tips, event goers lined the chairs in front of the stage to see the hairdressers work their magic.

Amid all the sites to behold, the Farmers Market on Columbia Avenue offered a plethora of colors, smells and tastes. A large booth on the corner selling vibrant, fall colored bouquets of flowers was enough to allure folks off the main path as many lined up to purchase the blooms, which were advertized as being great for drying. Further down the aisle, fresh produce of all colors gleamed. Peppers, stalks of Brussels sprouts, pumpkins of all sizes and bright purple cabbage called to be taken home.

Fall’s harvest was on brilliant display in the market.

If you missed this year’s event, fret not. Cedarburg has many other festivals throughout the year. Visit for more information.

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