For years, Jack Pachuta of Cedarburg was a corporate officer and professional speaker, engaging audiences worldwide.

When he wasn’t jet setting around the globe, he would write murder mystery parties for he and his friends “because who wants to do something in the middle of winter in Wisconsin,” he laughed. He and his friends would gather around the fireplace and act out the mystery while they solved it. Soon, other people began asking if he would write a mystery for their own party.

When the Twin Towers were hit on Sept. 11, 2001, all travel came to a halt. This caused a change in his industry where people simply didn’t travel as much. Needing to fill in the monetary gaps, Pachuta began writing murder mysteries parties on a more full-time basis.

His mysteries have been solved around the globe; on every continent except Antarctica. Set-up for the mysteries begins with party hosts purchasing an online kit through Pachuta’s website. There are countless themes to choose from, including holidays, gangsters, destinations, and more. He even hosts mystery cruises where guests solve a case while at sea. There are 29 mysteries available with a few more in the works.

Pachuta is available for hire as Chief Inspector to facilitate the party, or guests can conduct it themselves. Everything one needs to host the party is included with the kit purchase. Party hosts from all over have hired Pachuta to host their parties so frequently that he is starting a licensee program which allows other folks throughout the country access to his materials for them to have their own murder mystery company.

Pachuta’s mystery parties quickly became such a hit that parents began reaching out asking for murder mysteries without the murder. He started where other writers created kid-friendly mysteries for children to solve.

Cases are even solved in corporate settings as a means of team building, practicing negotiation, communication and problem solving. After solving the case, Pachuta helps employees process the skills they used to solve the case, and how those skills apply to them in the corporate setting.

His stories have also been told as theatrical performances involving audience participation, and have been solved in vintage mansions throughout Milwaukee and beyond.

“I think it’s the gamesmanship” that people like most about solving cases, said Pachuta. It’s like fitting together a big jigsaw; he provides all of the pieces, and it’s up to participants to put them together.

In addition to his murder mystery party business, Pachuta teaches mystery writing workshops. He still speaks professionally.

For more information, visit or call 262-377-7230.

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